ECB four-flush

We already know that ECB is prepared to use so called OMT mechanism to buy on secondary markets government bonds in trouble. The only thing we know is that ECB is prepared but close details were never revealed to public. But the rhetoric was so strong that markets calmed down for now. Lower interests’ rates


War against Gold

The war against gold continued in India. Many Indian customers find out this week that it is no longer possible to purchase gold by credit card. The Reserve Bank of India is leaving no stone unturned to discourage gold buyers in India. Indian consumers tend to convert gold purchases into equated monthly installments of three


Manipulation on Gold

It is interesting that gold bearish Deutsche Bank is opening a vault in Singapore. The vault can hold $9 billion of gold. Reasons behind are twofold. First Singapore last year scrapped a goods-and-services tax on gold to help boost its share of global gold demand to 10-15% within a decade. The second reason is connected