Bitcoin´s week

It was a Bitcoin´s week. Everybody was talking about bitcoins. Last week we had some records concerning bitcoins. First, bitcoin surged to new USD record high when it added 100 % gains only in 7 days. Then it overcame 1000 USD; fact is that on three important exchanges. And it was traded for a while


ECB four-flush

We already know that ECB is prepared to use so called OMT mechanism to buy on secondary markets government bonds in trouble. The only thing we know is that ECB is prepared but close details were never revealed to public. But the rhetoric was so strong that markets calmed down for now. Lower interests’ rates

China Hides Data

We had two announcements of central banks in the Europe. First was Bank of England with a new boss Mr. Carney. Second was ECB. The Bank of England mentioned that forward guidance and intermediate thresholds would likely be considered at the August assessment which means some change of monetary policy but otherwise there were no